These images were kindly made available to everyone under a Creative Commons licence by their creators:

containers of lab solutions

Lab Solutions
by TK

Superyacht in harbour

by Scott R Smith

Capitol Building

The Capitol
by Tara Siuk

a racehorse

by Net Efekt



This website was created by on a pro bono basis. Pro Bono means professionals contributing unpaid work and expertise in the public interest, as many good law firms do. Pro Bono does not mean being a fan of the band U2 or their lead singer Bono, who has been heavily criticised for promoting a kind of aid to Africa which seems like a corporate takeover of a continent, and an attempt to make it seem Africans can’t run their own affairs.


In a review of a recent book about Bono, Terry Eagleton makes this point about the wealthy deliberately starving others to death: “If Bono really knew the history of his own people, he would be aware that the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s was not the result of a food shortage. Famines rarely are. There were plenty of crops in the country, but they had to be exported to pay the landlords’ rents. There was also enough food in Britain at the time to feed Ireland several times over. What turned a crisis into a catastrophe was the free market doctrine for which the U2 front man is so ardent an apologist.”


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