Sponsor a Superyacht

Give someone the gift of life in a floating hotel. Yes you can help give comfort to those who can already afford it, so they know you care as they sail in safety from one offshore tax-haven to another. A rising tide lifts all boats, so please give generously today.

Support a Racehorse

Help a hungry competitor and see this top breed ride to victory today. Your help also gives bankers and financiers something solid for them to bet your savings on. So buck the markets with a run on the bank, and remember a gift horse is not just for Christmas.

Fund A Cure For Taxation

Even giants get the flu, and big companies need protection against the epidemic of taxation and social responsibility. Your donation funds expert tax lawyers and offshore advisors for Google, Apple and Amazon so they help us all by staying tax-free.

Buy A Political Party

Sorry this item has sold out.
Hopefully some new ones will be in stock in the new year.
Makes a great gift anytime.

Generosity is good for the spirit. Giving makes you feel good as well as helping others. In fact over the last few years there has been a disorderly but generous transfer of wealth from the majority of ordinary citizens to wealthy individuals and companies who do not pay tax. This giving has been unappreciated because it is usually described with words such as “cuts”, “austerity”, and “trickle down economics”, all of which suggest bodily problems and discomfort, not the kindness and generosity of those who give up what they need in order to help those who are not in need.

Isn’t it better for your spirit to put your hand up in the air and say proudly “I pledge to give 10% of my annual income to Google every year” as well putting your hand in your pocket to pay tax to fund the roads, schools and other infrastructure and shrinking services which companies exploit daily?

People are good and we like helping others, don’t we? So let’s enjoy it, let’s give to the rich. They deserve it.

Thank You